Phanteks PH-TC14S and PH-TC12LS CPU Coolers Review


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Installation was similar for both coolers but for the purpose of the review I will be installing the TC12LS on the Intel 1150 socket.

To get started, you need to match up the correct screw with the correct mounting hole in each corner of the backplate depending on the CPU socket you are installing the cooler on.

Phanteks TC12LS CPU Cooler_11

Once you have the screws lined up and through the correct holes you can push the backplate and screws through the back of your motherboard.

Phanteks TC12LS CPU Cooler_13

Next, you will want to put the black plastic spacers over the screws as seen below.

Phanteks TC12LS CPU Cooler_4

Now that we have the spacers in place, it is time to install the two crossbar mounting brackets. To do so just place them on top of the black plastic spaces and secure them with the included thumb screws. When doing this it is important to pay attention to which way you are placing the mounting brackets as it will affect the way the cooler is mounted when all is said and done.

Phanteks TC12LS CPU Cooler_2

Once the mounting hardware is installed you can go ahead and put your thermal paste on and screw the cooler down via the screws that come pre-attached, to do so you may need to remove the fan first.

Phanteks TC12LS CPU Cooler_3


Just an image of the TC14S after being installed, again you will need to remove the fan first to be able to get at the two screws to secure it to the mounting hardware.

Phanteks TC14S CPU Cooler_15

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