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be quiet! is normally a name associated with great performance and looks when it comes to CPU coolers and power supplies. They have won numerous awards for their products over the years and in 2014 announced they would soon be releasing a PC case. Releasing a PC case will be a first for be quiet! but we can be sure they have taken a lot into consideration and if the quality of their previous products is anything to go off of we should hopefully all be impressed.Following off the back of our last be quiet! review, the Dark Rock Pro 3, today I will be taking a look at the Shadow Rock slim. The Shadow Rock Slim features a TDP of 160w and while designed to fit in more compact spaces, it is still meant to take a bit of a beating and be suitable for gaming and graphical-intense applications.  It features four high-performance heat pipes and has support for an additional 120mm fan if you need a bit of extra cooling capacity. Before we jump into the specifications let’s see what be quiet! have to say about the Shadow Rock Slim:

Compact Cooling, Significant Quiet

With the introduction of Shadow Rock Slim, be quiet! brings silent and premium cooling technologies to the compact PC space. Shadow Rock Slim is not simply “another space saving cooler” — it is a first-class performer meant for gaming, multimedia and graphics-intensive compact PCs.

Featuring an unrivaled price-performance ratio, matchless be quiet! low noise operation, and our distinctive attention to quality and detail, Shadow Rock Slim truly is a best choice in the compact CPU cooler category.

Very High Cooling Efficiency

Impressive compact cooling capacity of 160W TDP

Four high-performance 6mm heat pipes carry heat from the nickel-plated copper base plate to the optimal locations on the cooling fins

Support of additional 120mm fan for enhanced cooling performance (free fan clips are included in the scope of delivery)

Extremely Low-Noise Operation

A silence-optimized 135mm be quiet! fan supports the best balance between cooling performance and quietness

Fan provides smooth operation thanks to nine airflow-optimized fan blades and durable rifle-bearing technology

Even at 100% full fan speed, overall noise is a scant 23.7dB(A)

Highly Compatible, Highly Functional Design

Compact design saves space and allows for easy access to RAM banks even within the tight confines afforded by some compact PC enclosures

Compatibility with all current Intel® and AMD™ sockets

Product conception, design and quality control in Germany

3-year warranty

Brushed aluminum finish on top cover

If you are seeking the best possible mix of premium cooling performance, remarkably quiet operations, eye-catching design and highly attractive price in the compact CPU cooler segment, your search is over. Shadow Rock Slim is clearly the cooler for you.


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