be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim Review


[section_title title=”Closer Look”]Closer Look

Taking a closer look at the cooler itself from the front and we can see the included 135mm included be quiet! fan.


Taking a look at the Shadow Rock Slim from the side with the fan attached and it is just under 100mm wide in this photo.


A quick shot of the back just for fun. I didn’t have a second fan to attach to the cooler but if you do it would fit on here easily enough with the included brackets.


On to the top of the cooler and I would have to say I really like the view from this angle. We have the be quiet! logo as well as our heatpipe caps, nothing special going on I just personally like the look of it.


Taking a look at the baseplate and as you can see, it really is like looking into a mirror


The below image is to show you the room left around the base of the cooler once installed. For reference this is an ASUS Z97-K motherboard.


As you can see there definitely is quite a bit of room between the Shadow Rock Slim and the RAM. Be ware though, if you have RAM with heatsinks on them it may be a tight fit, or may not fit at all depending on the heatsinks.


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