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Here we are once again, the end of a review where I have put a cooler through its paces and tried to give it a proper beat down! Is it still standing or has it fallen to our beat down like only a few others before it? Let’s see…

Starting off with the performance and at the beginning I was not expecting a lot. The Shadow Rock Slim is designed to fit in smaller cases where there may be some space restrictions. However, it still offers enough cooling to be sufficient for gaming or high graphical-detailed programs. It was able to contain my 4770k running 4.5ghz @ 1.3v to just under 58c, this was with only one fan installed on it as well. Considering it’s size and what it is designed for, this was very pleasing.

Taking a look at the acoustic performance and be quiet! has done it again! This is the de facto quietest cooler we here at Play3r have ever tested, beating out it’s much bigger brother the Dark Rock Pro 3. Noise levels are a big part of most people’s concerns when buying CPU coolers and fans and be quiet are sure not to let us down in the regard! Keep up the good work!

Looking at the design and it is fairly generic. It features aluminium fins, copper heatpipes and a CNC machined contact area, while nothing special it does all go together fairly well. The area I feel it shines is the top of the heatsink, which is nice as this will be the most viewed area once installed into a case, if visible at all. There is nothing special going on in terms of design but that is just fine as everything does compliment each other nicely and it isn’t an eyesore.

Touching on the price real quick and the Shadow Rock Slim lives up to it’s £30 price tag. At the end of the day it offers decent performance in a small form factor and again, is only £30. Let us also not forget this thing is near silent even at full juice pumping through a 12v line, this is absolutely outstanding.

I would like to thank be quiet! for sending in the Shadow Rock Slim for review and look forward to seeing more from them in the future.

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The Shadow Rock Slim offers good cooling performance while be designed to fit in smaller cases where space may be an issue. Coming in at around £30 and offering near silent operation this is a very good value for the money cooler.

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