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Raijintek Morpheus VGA Cooler Review

Raijintek Morpheus VGA Cooler Review

[section_title title=Closer Look]Closer Look

Taking an overall look at the Raijintek Morpheus VGA cooler in the flesh, the Morpheus itself is 254mm long with a depth of 98mm and a height of 44mm; certainly not the largest option on the market and equates to 10inches long for those not familiar with mm/cm.

The fins feature an aluminium alloy construction while the heat pipes are nickel plated copper which not only fits in with the aluminium design, but looks a lot nicer than bare copper.

Here is a closer look at the heat pipes which are featured on the Morpheus; a six heat pipe design entwined inside of the aluminium fins.

The base as previously mentioned is nickel plated smooth copper which comes supplied with a nice sticker to protect it from anomalies, grease and dust prior to installation; make sure you remove this before installation or you are going to have a bad time!

Here we have a side on view of the base and where the nickel plated heat pipes loop inside of the Morpheus.


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