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Raijintek Morpheus VGA Cooler Review

Raijintek Morpheus VGA Cooler Review

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So with Raijintek being roughly a year old and having numerous features here at Play3r, has the Morpheus VGA cooler left a lasting impression on me or is it something I don’t really consider to be worth the money?

Well in terms of performance, it’s a pretty unanimous decision; the Morpheus does a fantastic job and literally decimates the GTX780 reference cooler; just sad we didn’t have an R9 290 reference card to test as that particular card is a notoriously hot card.  Even with the NVIDIA reference design, the Morpheus easily deals with the heat and under 10 minutes of Furmark load, the maximum temperature hit was a mere 42.5c (Delta temp).  Of course I can’t give all the credit to Raijintek here as the 2 x 120mm Noiseblocker eLoop fans of course did a sterling job.

The beauty of the Morpheus is the ability to pick and choose fans tailored to your style, aim and of course budget; the Noiseblocker eLoop 1500RPM fans will set you back £16 a piece which certainly isn’t cheap so factor this in when purchasing the Morpheus.  You could even select 2 x LED fans and have a bit of light and add a bit of bling to the Morpheus; something I would certainly do if it was my build, maybe a pair of good fans with white LEDs for example.

Touching more on the aesthetics and design, the Raijintek Morpheus looks pretty sweet and can be given a bit of colour depending on the type of fans you choose.  Of course the main body is aluminium due to the fins and the copper components are plated with nickel to give off a stunning finish; something which I really favour about the Morpheus.  However one thing I am not particularly happy with is the triple slot design of this cooler; I had to remove my sound card during testing which of course caused me issues due to my PCI lane configuration, so bare this in mind when considering the Morpheus.  Other than the stickiness issues on some of the thermal pads for the heat sinks, everything to me is hunky dory and I do love the look of it; I know some will disagree but this is my opinion of course.

The Raijintek Morpheus and Noiseblocker fans can be purchased from OverclockersUK at the special combined price of £64.99 which is a stonking bargain in my opinion, given each fan is £15.98 on their own; not to forget the Morpheus £44.99 without any fans included.  These bundles are of course supplied by Overclockers UK alone and if you intend to purchase one, you can do so with the link at the bottom of the review!

Overall the Raijintek Morpheus and Noiseblocker combination provides excellent value for money in my opinion and offers a fantastic solution to those with stock/reference coolers without the ability to go for water cooling and of course at a much cheaper cost.  The performance is superb as you can see from the graphs and I feel you would be hard pushed to find a better solution available for the overall price of £64.99.

Huge thanks to Raijintek and Overclockers UK for sending the Morpheus and Noiseblocker fans in for review, I look forward to seeing more in the near future!


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Looks great
– Fantastic performance in comparison to reference
– Amazing value via Overclockers UK when purchased including fans
– Easy installation
– Generous maximum TDP of 360w


– Triple slot cooler
– Thermal pads could be a little stickier
– Heat vented towards the bottom of the case

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