Raijintek Tisis CPU Cooler Review


[section_title title=”Packaging”]Packaging

Starting off with the packaging as we do and it is quite apparent Raijintek had some fun designing this box. It has a nice red background image and the model name kind of looks like cracks in the pavement after an earthquake and right in the middle if a nice image of the Tisis itself!

Raijintek Tisis_9

Over onto the back of the box and we can see a few more images of the Tisis which appear to be highlighting the fan that comes with them.

Raijintek Tisis

One of the sides of the box is another image of the Tisis and a features list highlighting some of the main points Raijintek wanted to get across to consumers.

Raijintek Tisis_1

The other side features a full specifications and in true Raijintek fashion it looks like it is on a tilted board or something of the sort.

Raijintek Tisis_11

Opening up the box and on tops is another little white box that can be opened to reveal the mounting hardware for the Tisis, there is also one of the fans off to the side.

Raijintek Tisis_12

Raijintek have included hardware to mount the Tisis on most AMD and Intel sockets and have even gone as far to label some of the hardware with either AMD or Intel so users can make sure they get the right pieces.

Raijintek Tisis_8




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