Raijintek Tisis CPU Cooler Review


[section_title title=”Closer Look”]Closer Look

The 100% nickel design leaves the Tisis looking very shiny! Looking at one of the fin arrays, we can see it had a wave type design and plenty of individual fins to allow for better cooling.

Raijintek Tisis_7

Taking a look from the top down and we can see the 5 x heat pipes come all the way out through the top of their fin arrays, users will also notice the 2nd tower array is shaped a bit different. From this angle, we can also see the 6 x holes in the top that will allow users to install up to 3 fans, 2 of which are included in the box.

Raijintek Tisis_5

As previously mentioned the Tisis features 5 x 8mm heat pipes that go all the way up through the fin arrays and connect into the CPU contact plate.

Raijintek Tisis_10

Speaking of the CPU contact plate, it features the same 100% nickel design as the rest of the Tisis and is highly reflective.

Raijintek Tisis_6  Raijintek Tisis_3



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