Raijintek Tisis CPU Cooler Review


[section_title title=”Installation”]Installation

Installation is a straightforward process, start off with putting backplate on the back of the motherboard then push the corresponding screws through to the front and then screw on the black thumb screws, which when on properly should still leave a bit of the screw showing out the top.

Raijintek Tisis 1 2

Next you will need to get the 2 x AMD or Intel brackets and place them on the remaining part of the screw that it showing then secure them with the included thumb screws.

Raijintek Tisis_2

Once that is done you can apply your thermal paste and set the Tisis atop the CPU and fasten it down using the cross bracket and 2 x screws!

Raijintek Tisis 1 1

Now that the tower unit of the Tisis is secure in place you can go ahead and install the fans, to do so insert the black anti-vibration rubbers into the 4 x holes per fan, then insert the part of the rubber that is sticking out into the holes on the bottom and top of the fin arrays on the Tisis and you should now be good to plug them in and start making use of this beast!

Raijintek Tisis_16

Raijintek Tisis_13



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