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OKEANOS – The thermal performance of the OKEANOS is nothing short of spectacular and while it was one of the louder coolers on tests, the thermal performance more than makes up for it. Looking back at the benchmarks and so far in 2015 the OKEANOS is the best performing air cooler I have had the pleasure of putting through its paces. While the noise level may put some people off, it really isn’t to bad and while it would be audible, once inside a case it would be a bit harder to hear. Need better performance? Well, don’t forget the OKEANOS comes with a third set of fan retention clips and adding a third fan is sure to knock a couple degrees off the top temperature, which will make its performance even better.

STEROPES – The performance of the STEROPES was not the best but this really is to be expected from a cooler designed for ITX builds. In terms of what it was designed for, the STEROPES performs quite well and was able to contain an overclocked 4770K, which should be more than sufficient for most ITX based builds. The only concern may be the noise output from the STEROPES when using it at the full 12V load, especially as it will more than likely find its way into a HTPC. On the up side, the STEROPES was one of the more quiet coolers when using it in its normal PWM state which fares very well for it and will essentially mean it will depend on the load being used by your CPU as to whether or not the noise will be an issue.



The design of both the OKEANOS and STEROPES are quite similar, though they definitely have their differences. They both feature nickel plated bases and heatpipes which seem to work quite well for exhausting heat from the CPU. My favourite design aspect would have to be the top of the fin arrays where the heatpipes would normally come through. As when have seen with a lot of coolers, companies normally just let the heatpipe stick out the top and pay no mind to it but REEVEN have gone ahead and capped them off and made it more aesthetically pleasing. REEVEN have definitely taken a good amount of time in designing their coolers and it shows, well done!


OKEANOS – Coming in at around €60, the OKEANOS finds itself falling into the top of the charts as far as air CPU coolers are considered and rightly so. The OKEANOS offers great performance which helps to warrant its price tag, couple that with its aesthetically pleasing, yet unique design and it becomes easy to see why it may cost a bit more than other standard CPU coolers.

STEROPES – The STEROPES also offers good value for it’s price tag which is just north of €30. While being designed for ITX builds such as HTPC’s, the STEROPES still manages to keep an overclocked 4770K to respectable temperatures. This is a great feat for any ITX cooler and also means that the STEROPES should definitely be considered when looking for a cooler on any ITX based system.


Final Thoughts

Both of the offerings from REEVEN on test today were quite impressive and are well worthy of being considered as cooling options for your next PC build.

OKEANOS – The OKEANOS is a dual tower cooler that offers impressive cooling while remaining pleasing to look at. REEVEN have done a great job of focusing on performance and aesthetics and it shows, the OKEANOS will look great inside most PC cases especially if it matches the colour scheme which strays from the norm.

STEROPES – The STEROPES is a top-down CPU cooler that is more than worthy of cooling your next ITX or HTPC build. It also happens to follow in the REEVEN footsteps and has an eye-pleasing design which will be great for those who like to show of their builds. When all is said and done, the STEROPES will be a more than worthy companion for most CPUs in any ITX build.

As the OKEANOS and STEROPES are designed for different form factors, I would like to award the OKEANOS with our Gold Award and the STEROPES with our Silver Award.

OKEANOS: Gold Award – Hands down, the OKEANOS is the best air cooler we have tested so far in 2015 and while it can be a bit loud at times, the cooling performance it has to offer more than makes up for this.



STEROPES: Silver Award – The STEOPRES is more than worthy of cooling your m-ITX based or HTPC system. Unfortunately, the fan gets rather loud when being used under load and silence is normally one of the more important things in such builds so in saying that, it has earned our Silver Award.



I would like to thank REEVEN for sending in both the OKEANOS and STEROPES CPU coolers and hope they keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing what they come out with in the future.


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