Scythe Mugen Max CPU Cooler Review


[section_title title=”Packaging”]Packaging


Starting off with the front of the box we can see the Scythe logo at the top, Mugen Max and model number in the center on top of a picture of the cooler itself as well as an image to let us know the Mugen Max is LGA 1150 compatible. There is also an image of the baseplate and heatpipes at the bottom left.


On the back of the box there is warranty information, warnings and cautions as well as URLs to the Scythe websites, including direct access to Scythe Support.


One side of the box contains technical specifications while the other side has some images showcasing some of the features of the cooler.



Opening the box and we are immediately greeted with a little foam pad to protect the top of the cooler from getting damaged in transit.


Taking a look at everything included inside the box and we have the Mugen Max, GlideStream 140mm PWN Fan, Installation guide and all the mounting hardware for both AMD and Intel.





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