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Coming to the end of the review and I just have to jump right into the performance! The Macho Zero absolutely surpassed any expectation I could have had for it and the Rev. B has only gone and one up’d it! I don’t know what Thermalright are putting in these Macho coolers, but something inside them gives them amazing performance, so much so that is is almost unbelievable! I ran my thermal tests numerous times to make sure the results were correct and even re-seated the cooler once which ended up in a bit better temps of all things.

The performance on the Macho Rev. B is truly outstanding and for all intents and purposes is the new King of Air-Cooling here at Play3r, even beating out a good few AIO liquid coolers. I ran my same tests I always do, even ran them numerous times but the results were always the same, the Macho Rev. B is an absolute beast for what it is! I know my results are going to come with some backlash but having tested upwards of 15-20 coolers over the past 6 months myself, all of which went through the same test I can do nothing but write down the results at the end and convey them in my review.

The design of the Rev. B is simple in terms of looks but as you can see is amazing for performance. The black anodized top-fin also gives it a bit more stylish look that users will have no problem showing off in their builds as this is mostly going to be the part of the cooler that is seen when looking into a case. The fan has a black frame and white fins which should also bode well for the Macho Rev. B as they should also fit in with more colour schemes, a very well planned design.

On to the value and for the Macho Rev. B, it is so ridiculously good that I have no problem recommending this product to anyone! Coming in at around 40 Euros this cooler is sure to be a major asset in any build and will allow users to overclock their CPUs to limits they didn’t even know where achievable, let alone on an air cooler!

When all is said and done I know my results may vary from some other but there is no doubt that the Macho Rev. B is going to be a solid performer across the board and a worthy purchase for the money. The fact that it should also fit/blend in well with most builds colour schemes only further adds to its amazing ability making it a well worthwhile purchase.

I would like to thank Thermalright for sending the Macho Rev. B in for review and hope to see more from them in the future. Now all we need is a double tower version of it and AIO coolers will be shaking in their boxes!

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Amazing performance
– Simple design should fit in well with most builds
– Great value for the money


– May not be flashy enough for some users

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