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If you have ever installed a Thermalright cooler you have nothing to fear and if not, it is still a very straight forward process.

For testing purposes, I have installed this on the 1150 socket. To get things started you will want to get the backplate and line up the protective covering on top of it, next you will take the correct screws and push them through the holes in each corner, lining up with the correct position depending on your socket type. Once you have done that you can secure the screws in place with the white nylon washers.

Thermalright True Spirit 140 BW Rev.A_2

Once you have the backplate assembled so to speak you can go ahead and push the screws on it through the back of the motherboard out through the front and secure it in place with the appropriate thumbscrews.

Thermalright True Spirit 140 BW 1

Once you’ve screwed all the thumbscrews tight it is time to get the front plate into position. To do so, all you have to do is set it atop the thumbscrews you just put on and fasten it down with the included screws.

Thermalright True Spirit 140 BW Rev.A_13

Now that the front plate is in place, it’s time to get the cooler fully installed. Go ahead and get your thermal paste applied using your preferred method, put the cross plate across the top of the contact plate on the cooler then set it atop the CPU and fasten the screws through either side of the cross plate to the front plate.

Thermalright True Spirit 140 BW 2

Once installed the Macho 90 should leave just enough room to install RAM without heatsinks as you have set it up to place the fan over the RAM. As you can see in the image below the fan itself offers a bit of clearance but the retention bracket is sitting right on top of one of the sticks of RAM.

Thermalright Macho 90 closer look ram clearance


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