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Having a look at the Macho Zero in all its glory, the first thing that caught my eyes was the black nickel plated design. This really just makes the Macho Zero that much more aesthetically pleasing.

Thermalright Macho Zero 9

On the top of the cooler, we can see the 6x 6mm heat pipes come all the way through the top of the fin array. We can also see a big hole towards the top, this will allow us to put a screwdriver down it to screw the last screw in place for installation.

Thermalright Macho Zero 10

The black nickel coating is so pretty to look at and these photos really do not do it justice at all. Here we can see the 6x heat pipes connecting to the CPU contact plate.

Thermalright Macho Zero 12

As you can see, even the contact plate has the nice black nickel finish and is quite reflective. Please don’t mind my big head ruining the photo!

Thermalright Macho Zero 13

The ducts themselves are designed with simplicity in mind from what I can see. They appear to be designed more with performance in mind than flash and that is just fine with me. They are totally black and except for the Thermalright logo on one side, there is nothing else on them.

As mentioned they come in both 120mm and 140mm versions depending on the fan you will be using them with. For my testing, I used the 120mm and connected it to my exhaust fan.

Thermalright Macho Zero 3 Thermalright Macho Zero 4 Thermalright Macho Zero 5

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