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For testing purposes, I installed the Macho Zero on the 1150 socket type.

If you have previously installed a Thermalright cooler installation will be very easy for you. First you will need to get the backplate and mylar lined up, find the hole that corresponds with your socket type you will be using it on, push the M3L10 screw pillars through the top and push the white washers down over them to keep the screw in place, making sure the lip on the washer is on the top..

Thermalright Macho Zero 15 Thermalright Macho Zero 16

Once you have done that for all 4 screws it is time to mount the backplate on the back of the motherboard, to do so you just push the screw pillars through the corresponding holes on the motherboard then cap them off with the screw nuts.

Thermalright Macho Zero 17

Once that is finished you can mount what I like to call the front plate. To do so you just set it atop the screw nuts and screw it down. Please note that the orientation of the front plate will affect how you can mount the Macho Zero.

Thermalright Macho Zero 18

Once the front plate is on you can apply your thermal paste and get ready to mount the cooler. To secure the Macho Zero to the front plate, you will need to put the mounting plate across the top of the base and screw it down on both ends. To screw down one of the ends, you will need to go through the hole atop the cooler as previously mentioned.

Thermalright Macho Zero 19 Thermalright Macho Zero 20

Once that is done you should be good to go unless like myself, you want to use one of the ducts. The easiest way I found to install this once everything else was in the case was to insert the fan in the end it goes to and start with that on the side of the cooler closer to the front of my case and kind of roll it over and back into place. It took a couple tries to get it, but it wasn’t that hard at all.

Thermalright Macho Zero 22 Thermalright Macho Zero 23

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