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Closer Look

The packaging for the ODIN features a nice little window allowing a direct look at the fan you will be buying which is something I have always favoured over just an image on the outside of a box. As we all know images can easily be rendered and changed to look more appealing than they originally were so it is always nice to get an actually look at the product itself. The front of the box also informs users that the ODIN 12 comes with 4 different colour frames and gives them the rated airflow, dB output and RPM of the fan.

Thermaltake ODIN 12 _6

On to the back and there is a bit more information on some of the various features in different languages and a full specification list can also be found on the back.

Thermaltake ODIN 12 _7

Inside the box, you will find the ODIN 12 fan with 4x coloured rings, manuals, 3-pin to Molex adapter and 4x screws so you can go ahead and get this installed as soon as you receive it.

Thermaltake ODIN 12 _1

The ODIN 12 fan features a more curved design than straight and square which is nice to see. The coloured rings are easily taken off and switched out. The fan blades are not a solid colour and will allow for a bit of light to shine through them which will come in handy with the LEDs, the blades also feature little imprints on them which I would imagine may help them be less resistant and may even help them not output as much noise.

Thermaltake ODIN 12 _3Thermaltake ODIN 12 _5

Even on the back of the fan, Thermaltake continue with their curved design and the arms that connect the outside frame of the ODIN 12 to the plastic where the motor is mounted are curved. The 3-pin cable is also braided to help make it look as pleasing as a cable can and it always features a black connector.

Thermaltake ODIN 12 _2Thermaltake ODIN 12 _4

The LED illumination from the fan is not overwhelming but it is definitely enough to add some light to the inside of a case and as you can see, the LED light trail also follows the curved design of the arms on the rear of the fan. Thermaltake definitely spent their time with this and made sure to pay a great attention to detail, well done!

Thermaltake ODIN 12

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