Cooltek LP53 Review


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Product Name LP53
Socket Type Intel LGA 1150/1155/1156
TDP Up to 100W
Dimension 100 × 94 × 53 mm (L x W x H) with FAN
Weight 410g (Heat sink and Fan)
Material Pure Copper (base and heat pipe), Pure Copper (heat sink fins)
Heat pipe type Two 6mm diameter copper Heat Pipes(Sintered powder type)
Thermal Grease Color : Gray / Thermal Conductivity : 4.0W/mK / Specific Gravity : 2.6 / Operating Temperature : 0~150℃ / spreading thin on the bottom
 Fan dimension 92mm Round, 4-pin PWM type
Bearing Type Long Life Rifle Bearing
Fan speed (PWM Duty) 1000 – 2100 ± 10% [0-100%”]
Noise(1) 16 – 27.1 dBA



Slim and Quiet CPU Cooler

  • Suitable for LP case
    53 mm height including PWM 92 mm round FAN is suitable for the Low-Profile case with over 90 mm width.
  • Low noise
    Excellent cooling performance with low RPM
  • Thermal Stability
    Stable performance supporting up to 100 watt TDP(Thermal Design Power) of CPU 

Design Flexibility

  • LP53 is designed for HT-PC, Media PC, Home Network Computer, Industrial Computer.
  • LP53 will help System Integrators to make Slim PC (Available in case of above 90 mm width).

 Stable Structure 

  • Reliable fastening structure
    – LP53 ensures highly stability of system from vibration and external shock through reliable fastening structure and light weight.
    – LP53 doesn’t use Back Plate in order to avoid interference with parts located on the back of motherboard.
    – Mounting Clip of LP53 pervents deformation of motherboard.
    – Insulation washers are included to avoid scratch and electric shock of motherboard.



  1. Great write up, convinced me to pick one up.

    This is the perfect little cooler for my ASRock Phantom Gaming ITX build. I had to remove some of the stock heatsinks (and replace with smaller copper ones of course) but it was a perfect fit. This is the kinda cooler that makes the 155x mounting system on an AM4 socket worthwhile!

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