Cooltek LP53 Review


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The mounting kit for this cooler is very sparse, as was shown on the packaging section. It consists of four small screws with rubber washers to prevent damage to the motherboard (as shown on the previous page). The LP53, much like the ITX30, already has the mounting points for the cooler which will fit sockets 1156, 1155 and 1150. As you can see below, this is how it is attached to the board. Each of the four screws go straight into the coolers and then tighten against the washers.
Here is a picture of the cooler mounted in place. It is quite a tight fit on the Asus Z87I Pro, which we use for ITX testing, as it has a power phase board at the top and the DIMM slots are very close to the fan. However, the larger fan of the LP53 just about squeezes into this space. In the picture you will also see that I have some low profile Team Group ram. This was replaced for testing with a kit of Kingston HyperX Beast at 2400MHz. The HyperX Beast just squeezed into place next to the fan. If a 92mm fan had been used, then one of the DIMM slots would have been lost.
Now that you have had a good look at the cooler and how its fitted to the motherboard lets see how it performs with out i7 4770k in the benchmarks.  



  1. Great write up, convinced me to pick one up.

    This is the perfect little cooler for my ASRock Phantom Gaming ITX build. I had to remove some of the stock heatsinks (and replace with smaller copper ones of course) but it was a perfect fit. This is the kinda cooler that makes the 155x mounting system on an AM4 socket worthwhile!

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