Xigmatek LOKI II CPU Cooler Review



The design of the LOKI II is unique yet kept simple at the same time. There is no denying the overall shape of it is a bit different than that of the norm and the fan is quite favorable for a budget unit as it features a black frame and orange fins. The heat pipes are designed to make direct contact with the CPU which no doubt gives it a bit better performance, so all around I would say the LOKI II is very well designed for what it is, a budget CPU cooler.

The performance of the LOKI II is good when considering what it is. The LOKI II managed to pass all of my testing meaning it will allow users to overclock their CPUs and should keep them within their respected temperature ranges though they may be at the high end of the scale if overclocking the CPU t0o far, something to be weary of. When using the LOKI II on a stock Intel i7 4770K it help the temps down even when running full load which is nice to see.

The value of the LOKI II is fairly good, for under £20, you can get your hands on a decent cooler that looks better than that of the stock AMD and Intel coolers and will surely out-perform them. For the price it is a nice little package and for users looking for a little something more than the stock coolers it should offer them not only a better looking and performing experience but should also be a bit quieter which is always nice.

I would like to thank Xigmatek for sending the LOKI II in for review and look forward to seeing more from them in the future.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



- Competitively priced
- Direct touch technology
- Better design than that of the AMD/Intel stock coolers


- Not really designed to maintain overclocks
- Bright orange fan may not be to every ones liking


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