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So, I think the question people want the answer to is, is Broadwell better than Haswell?  Which is better? The Intel Core i7 4770K or i7 5775C?  Well let me give you the lowdown on which is better, what each chip is better at and, of course, my opinion whether or not it’s a worthwhile upgrade or for that matter, a worthwhile purchase.  On with the Intel Core i7 5775C Review…

All in all, the i7 5775C is an improvement, but only by 4% at best and although it is an improvement, if you already own a Haswell, then it’s frankly not worth the upgrade.  Ok, Broadwell does bring some minor improvements to the table such as a lower rated TDP, improved Intel Quick Sync, but to be quite honest, I wouldn’t really be tempted to upgrade; a 4-5% performance increase is normal these days from Intel CPUs so not really much surprise here.

The biggest jumps in performance came from Synthetic benchmarks such as Cinebench and 3DMark 11, where the Broadwell chip seemed to offer a nice increase, but in gaming, it wasn’t really an improvement by any shape or form; even in CPU intensive games such as Company of Heroes 2 and Total War: Rome II.

I intend to keep this short and sweet; should be noted that this isn’t a detailed analysis, the simple fact that I have had this chip a short time prior to NDA as trying to get samples is like rocking horse dung, it only allowed me to do such a basic overview and comparison.

It’s worth noting that in the benchmarks ran, the memory controller seemed somewhat dubious, but this could be down to various factors such as early adopted BIOS; release BIOS versions always tend to show major discrepancies and I felt it first hand when trying to overclock on the MSI Z97A Gaming 6.  Not a fault of the board or chip, just the new 14nm hasn’t taken hold of the situation yet, but compute performance wise, Broadwell does win in my opinion!

So to answer the main questions:

Is Broadwell better than Haswell? – Yes, it’s around 4%-5% better clock for clock to the i7 4770K in best case scenarios.

Is it worth the upgrade? – No, if you already have a Haswell or Devils Canyon CPU, then there isn’t really any need to upgrade as any difference is negatable in the real world at best.

Would I buy Broadwell personally? – If I hadn’t had an array of Haswell CPU’s powering my systems, potentially!  Main reason I would buy one is for the improve Quick Sync when streaming games across to Twitch.TV; the TDP reduction doesn’t mean much to me given that I overclock my CPU’s anyway.

Is the i7 5775C better than the i7 4770K? – Overall, yes it is, but not by much at all!  If you want a bigger jump in performance, then wait it out for Intel’s Skylake architecture!

What’s the price of the i7 5775C? – Around £300-310 depending on your chosen retailer; around 15-17% more expensive than the i7 4770K.


I hope this short comparison/article was helpful to you and if you want to see more of these quickie comparisons in the future, let us know via social media, in the comments below or jump on our YouTube channel and spam us!

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