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Closer Look – Packaging

Starting with the packaging, Fractal Design have decided to go with an illustration rather than a picture of the chassis, and it does resemble a good likeness to the chassis itself. In the top left hand corner we can see the model number, in this case it is the Node 605 and on the right hand side on the top and bottom we have the Fractal Design logo and branding with the website address being on the bottom left hand corner.

On the opposite side of the box we can see that Fractal Design have follows the same route as the previous image. This time the illustration is annotated with numbers which correspond to the key features list. This is the same list as is found on the previous page.

A quick look at the side of the box shows that there is a lot of information. This information is split into three sections, Introduction, Key Features and Specification. All of this information can be found on Pages 1 and 2.

Opening up the box we are greeted with a good amount of protection to stop the chassis getting damaged in transit. As you can see below, the foam used to hold the chassis in place is thick and strong and the chassis itself is enclosed within a polythene bag to prevent any dust build up or scratches.

Within the packaging we also find a lovely little accessories box. This box, as you can see below, contains five cable ties, four fan screws if you wanted to add anymore to the three optional fan mounts, sixteen screws for HDDs and SSDs, nine motherboard standoff and 13 screws for it and the power supply, one bracket to secure the optional optical drive and the screws for said bracket and the screws to secure the optical drive itself.

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