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Brand: Club3D
Model: R9 280 royalKing
RRP: £173 (At time of review)

No matter which side of the graphics card fence you are on (AMD/NVIDIA), there is clearly a lot on the market to not only satisfy your urge for FPS in games, but there are also cards to cater for all needs such as HTPCs, graphical design workstations and even everyday work computers.  The AMD vs NVIDIA debate has been raging on for over a decade but is there ever an actual winner?

One company who manufactured both AMD and NVIDIA cards last year dropped support for NVIDIA cards in favour for the AMD camp and that company is of course Club3D.  Club3D was initially founded in 1997 as Colour Power and throughout the years, has been powering through Europe like a steam train trying to bring consumers and end users top quality graphics solutions.  With its HQ situated in Hoofddop in the Netherlands, this all European company has one goal in mind; giving end users an alternative which combines quality and value in one neatly presented package.

Obviously with sole support and allegiance to AMD cards, today I will be taking a look at their recent entry into the mid-range with the R9 280 royalKing.  This particular card features 3GB of GDDR5 VRAM and has stock clocks of 960/1250MHz and features Club3D’s own CoolStream cooling technology.  Will this value mid-range offering be able to make a dent in AMDs last generation equivalent (the AMD7950) which this particular card is effectively based on, or is there more to be desired from the latest range?  Let’s find out, starting with the specifications…

What Club3D has to say about their R9 280 royalKing:

CLUB 3D AMD Radeon™ 280

Engineered to be the world’s most advanced graphics cards, Club 3D AMD Radeon R9 280 GPUs feature the award-winning GCN Architecture for unrivalled performance and efficiency. Packed with groundbreaking features like AMD PowerTune technology and AMD CrossFire technology, gamers should never settle for anything less. Radeon™ is gaming.


With our new “PokerSeries” Club 3D offers a new level of special gamecards that delivers the best performance, newest features and best coolers. PokerSeries graphic cards present our highest demands



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