HIS R9 280 IceQ X2 OC 3GB Review


[section_title title=”Overclocking”]Overclocking

AMD graphics card overclocking is as easy as 1-2-3 but if you aren’t proficient in trial and error; there are many guides online with many easy to use software solutions such as MSI Afterburner and Sapphire Trixx to help you through.

As always, I tend to prefer the use of MSI Afterburner which is a fantastic piece of GPU overclocking software and talking more about the card itself, I had pretty high hopes given the sub-part stock clock speeds present via HIS; under 1GHz on the core.  Now overclockers and enthusiasts will be a fan of this card from the get go as the card is voltage unlocked; this allows you to pump a little more power through the card at the cost of power consumption and of course heat which in turn should allow you to overclock further.

Now as mentioned previously, the stock clocks of this card are 953MHz (boosted)/1250MHz which isn’t blistering but is more than ample for most users.  After about 25-30 minutes of tweaking and trial and error I managed to get 1240MHz/1450MHz which is a staggering 30% overclock on the core; fantastic results and I had no problems with noise or heat either so the IceQ X2 cooler is clearing doing its intended job with much gusto.

Overall the card overclocks very well but I am more interested to see if these gains equate well to actual performance within benchmarks and in the most important aspect; gaming!


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