HIS R9 270X IceQ X² Turbo Boost Review


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Packaging & Accessories

The packaging in which the HIS R9 270X is shipped is identical to the other IceQ X2 models. The box comes in a blue-ish purple which has ice forming around the edges. From the moment I got the first IceQ based product, the HD 7950, I adored its design and I think it is something which not only stands out from the crowd, but it also stays relevant to the product in question too.

The front and back of the box both feature the same design in terms of the blue colouring and the ice forming around the edges. On the front of the box there is naturally the product name which in this case is the Radeon R9 270X, and it also has a few quick details about certain features on the card such as the 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM and its ability to power 4K Ultra HD resolutions. On the reverse of the box is quite a different matter, though. There is a heap of information regarding a range of the features on this card (and most other HIS cards too) such as the full solid state capacitors which extends the lifespan of the card because they’re of higher quality.

The back of the box is starting to look very familiar, isn’t it? It has the same layout as this card has the same features as all of the other HIS IceQ X2 ranges and as I went into great detail in my previous HIS reviews, I will give this one a quick going over. In the top half of the box lays some information about the parts used on the HIS range of GPUs as well as some of its features. They vary from fully solid state capacitors to cooler and quieter operation which is one of HIS’ big selling points other than its solid reliability. Further down, on the bottom half of the box is a list of features that are on this card. Moving even further down tells us that the card has HDMI, is OpenGL 4.3, SM 5 and PCI-E 3.0 ready as well as having 7.1 audio. There are HDMI, DVI and two mini DisplayPorts on this card. Finally, at the very bottom, there’s a list of some of the awards HIS have recently picked up from around the globe. Hey, who knows, maybe our award will be on the next cover!

Peeling back the layers reveals a black box, something which I’ve become used to with most and if not all graphics cards these days. The box is constructed of very sturdy cardboard and it is absolutely loaded with padding on the inside to keep your card safe but first, let’s see the black box for what it’s worth.

This is usually the part where I’d show you the card and its accessories but strangely enough, the HIS doesn’t come with anything more than a DVI > VGA adapter. There’s not even a driver disc inside which I find mightily odd as they’re usually in every single box you could ever think of. It’s not so much a complaint as I do always recommend that people go to the AMD website and/or the manufacturers website to download the latest drivers so that the best possible performance can be obtained from your new pride and joy.


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