Jabra Solemate Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review


[section_title title=First Look] First Look

Like most of the Jabra products, the portable speaker comes in a fairly plain box, but with bright yellow highlights to match Jabra colours. The front displays the speaker and a few features like NFC and the devices it’ll work with.

Inside the small box you have the Solemate Mini, USB cable (USB to MicroUSB) and a getting started pack, which contains the usual quick-start guide and warranty information.

The speaker unit itself is all black in colour and relatively featureless except for the top, which features 3 buttons. the left and right buttons control the volume as standard, with the middle acting as the “status” button where it will report on the battery level with an american accented voice. The whole unit is covered in a sort of rubbery soft touch material which feels great, but is a good dust magnet!

The left side of the speaker has NFC engraved, meaning “Near Field Communications”, which means you can use you phone, if it is supported, to automatically pair to the device.

The opposite end features the power button and LED, 3.5mm jack, and MicroUSB port for charging. There is also a small microphone located just to the left of the MicroUSB port.


On the underside of the speaker is a jagged rubber sole, with a short 3.5mm audio cable for connecting to devices which are not bluetooth capable. This brightly coloured cable matches the colour scheme to some similar audio products like the REVO speakers. Personally I quite like the contrast. This cable just slots into a cutout section for it, hiding it from view entirely, allowing you to just pop it out when required.


So that concludes our first look at the Jabra Solemate Mini, now I’ll put it to the test and find out how it performs.


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