Kingston HyperX Beast 2x4GB DDR3-2133MHz Review


Brand: Kingston
Model: HyperX Beast
RRP: -£70 (At time of review)

Kingston Technology, formed in 1987, have built up a solid reputation in the storage industry, whether it be with RAM or SSD’s. They are a brand synonymous with oozing quality and providing high performance products to their end users and they cater to people with budgetary needs as well as the high-end enthusiasts. Due to these characteristics they have built up a very solid user base, and are now producing more products and different types of solutions than they ever have.

Today I will be taking a look at the HyperX Beast 2133MHz kit, not the highest specification kit from Kingston, but with the standard of memory starting to move towards 2133MHz and 2400MHz from 1600MHz as it becomes more affordable, this should be a up there with the other kits we have tested. The timings for this kit are 11-12-11-30 which runs at 1.65 Volts, Timings could be tighter but then there are a few other 2133MHz kits on the market with CAS11 timings, so we will let Kingston off. With this being a Beast kit, and it using relatively high voltage to achieve its speed and timings; will this be a lightning fast kit with over clocking potential, or another kit that refuses to do anything other than stock? Lets get testing and find out.

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