Arctic S111 BT Bluetooth Speaker Review


[section_title title=”Packaging”] Packaging

Lets kick things off by taking a look at the packaging.

Package front

The front of the box is pretty simple, the two tone white and blue colour scheme looks good and is not too cluttered with information. The only real information we have here is the indication that we have Bluetooth 4.0 and we are also promised 12 hours of battery life, which is not shabby for a more entry level speaker.

Package side

On to the side of the box and we have a bit more general information such as dimensions and package contents. Also mentioned is the included hard case which we will get a better look at shortly.

package rear

Looking at the back of the box we are presented with a good deal more information. In the top left we have a bit of blurb, beginning with the statement ‘Eliminate the unnecessary wires…’; ironic given the design, but hey. Below this are some specifications which you can also see on the previous page. The top right has the ever helpful labeled diagram and below this we have information about the LED power indicator.

Package case

Opening up the box we pull out the aforementioned hard carry case. It is a zipping affair with a rather nice soft touch finish. For a speaker that costs £25 this is a good inclusion in my opinion, the more expensive Luxa 2 360 I recently tested had you making do with just a bag.

Package inside

Zipping the case open we get a glimpse at the speakers themselves, wrapped up in plastic bags to protect their glossy finish. Also pictured are what remains of the contents of the box, an instruction manual, an aux cable and a micro USB charging cable.

So the packaging certainly delivered the goods (ahem), but what about the speakers themselves?


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