Arctic S111 BT Bluetooth Speaker Review


[section_title title=”Closer Look”] Closer Look

closer front

Starting off with the front of speakers the first thing you notice, obviously, is that they are connected via a white wire. In terms of the speakers themselves you can see they feature glossy blue casings, which in my opinion look a bit cheap and would be better off in a matte finish or perhaps a faux brushed metal look. We can also see the driver cones are out on display with no mesh covering them. This looks cool but I wonder how easy it would be to damage them either by prodding (I cant help myself) or being dropped on to something. The only way you can tell what they are here is by the Arctic logo at the bottom left of the speaker closest to us.

closer side

With the speakers facing each other we can see there is not an awful lot going on at this side. As I said above, the glossy finish combined with ordinary plastic makes them look quite cheap, which is a shame as they actually feel pretty well built in hand. The only real things you’ll notice here are the silver stripes that go around the whole speaker and also that the fronts of the speakers are slightly concave to match the drivers.

closer other side

On to the other side(s) and we can see much of the same, with the main difference being the prominent Arctic logo in the centre of the speakers.

Closer back

Finally round at the back we can see that the left speaker is the ‘dumb’ one and the right is the master with the all the buttons and inputs. On the right speaker we have our volume +/- keys, the power button, the LED power indicator, the micro USB charging port and the line in port. My main impressions here are that it is nice to have such big volume buttons, but a bigger power button wouldn’t go amiss. Also the power indicator is a nice inclusion too as there is nothing worse than thinking you have battery left when you don’t.

So the speakers themselves are a bit of a mixed bag for me, I like the look of the cubes themselves but would prefer them in a different finish and the power button is too small. I also think personally the dual speaker design doesn’t make much sense performance wise as two low power speakers are not necessarily going to out perform a single one of the combined output. Nonetheless, I shall reserve judgement there for the next page.


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