Be.ez is a leading French brand for Apple accessories. Today we are checking out the Be.ez LA Robe iPad Mini Case in black/raspberry. The case also comes in black and wasabi (green).

The packaging from the outset sets gives the impression this is something unique and different. The case comes packaged in a plastic sleeve with a material feeler attached allowing you to feel the case’s unique material. The front of the packaging has nothing more than the name of the product highlighting the French design and the company logo/website. You can clearly see the product through the packaging.



On the back of the plastic sleeve we see the key specifications of the case highlighted in 12 different languages.


Opening the packaging was a dream thanks to a zipper style seal. Getting the case out you instantly feel the quality. The finish across the whole product is superb; everything is finished to a really high quality.

The case has a large thick black metal zip with a chunky zip handle. The zip is separate from the case with an inner lip on the case to offer superb protection. On both sides of the case when looking at the front we see the be.ez logo on the right hand bottom corner of the case in the raspberry colour.




The outside of the case has a smooth black finish made from Jersey fabric. The case uses a unique material called Low Resilience Polyurethane (LRPu) Technology which is 5mm thick on the case. This unique material is very tough to compress and slowly expands back to its normal shape after compressing. This helps to ensure the iPad remains safe.


I was intrigued by this material and put my hand inside the case and dropped a screwdriver from about 1m up head down into the case and my hand. It caused a temporary dent in the casing and I barely felt the impact from the inside of the case. This just goes to show how well this case can resist impact and protect its contents. A very good protective material from my brief testing.

The inside of the case has a bright raspberry (pink) Jersey fabric on the inside which is nice and soft so should you put your iPad mini in there without any other case on it it should remain scratch free. The case will also support the iPad mini with a smart cover or hard case fitted. For exact dimensions please check the Be.ez website.




Overall the case is superb, the quality is great and although the raspberry and black scheme isn’t to my taste, the black and wasabi edition however I really like. Obviously this is all down to personal preference and I see the appeal in both. The materials used are really high quality and the LRPu material is amazing. I would thoroughly recommend the Be.ez LA Robe iPad Mini Case.

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