Canary Smart Home Security System Review



From first impressions, the picture quality is decent. Due to the wide angle field of view, it does distort the image slightly, although this is to be expected. Colours are good and there is very little in terms of interference. When watching the live feed, you have the option of sounding an impressively loud alarm or contact the emergency numbers.


Due to the number of IR LEDs even at night or low light conditions the image is pretty impressive.


If the Canary detects any motion it immediately starts recording and sends you a notification. You can monitor the recordings and activity easily through the app – of which you can bookmark clips to save for later.


The number of recordings and the duration of which they are stored in the cloud is determined by your “plan” with Canary. The free version includes storage for up to 12 hours and other paid options can store them for up to a month. The number of downloads and bookmarks are also reliant on which package you go for.

The Canary also has an environment sensor in it, which tracks temperature, humidity and air quality. This can all be viewed in the app, via nice graphs.


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