Jazooli Sound Reverb Bluetooth Speaker Review


[section_title title=”Closer Look”] Closer Look


Right, without further delay lets take a look at the speaker.

Closer front

The first thing that strikes you about the Reverb is the size; its tiny! An AA battery for scale gives you an idea of how compact this unit is.

Closer back

If the first thing you notice about the Reverb is the size, the second is most certainly the superbly clean design. The fabric on the front is soft and well taut, I should imagine it to be reasonably durable. However, the main attention grabber here is the gorgeous brushed aluminium finish, and this is no imitation as you might expect to see at this price point; this is the real deal and it looks and feels great. If you aren’t sold on the black don’t fret, you can take your pick of silver and red also.

Closer top

Casting our eyes to the top of the speaker we notice a few things, firstly the large faux leather handle, then the contrasting silver buttons and last the inputs with accompanying microphone opening.

The handle is a nice addition, as the downside of the brushed aluminium finish is that it is not especially easy to grip when carrying, so the handle is sure to be a boon to the clumsy amongst us.

Just like the body the buttons are the genuine article here, the spun aluminum finish contrasts nicely against the black background and the buttons themselves depress with a satisfying click. In terms of functionality here, we have an on/off button, two separate buttons for volume up/down and a button that serves to pick up in coming calls or to pause playback.

Lastly, we see our line in port which allows us to hook the speaker up to devices without Bluetooth functionality, the Micro USB port for the charging cable and finally an opening for the microphone used for the phone call functionality.

Closer foot

Finally, looking to the bottom of the speaker we see the rubber feet. I mention these specifically as they are another display of the good design of the product, instead of simply being glued to the bottom of the speaker they are held securely in a hole (presumably by a combination of a tight fit and adhesion) in the body.

Though a small detail, there is nothing more annoying than when those small rubber feet come unstuck and perform a disappearing act so the extra care here is a nice touch.


Next up is a discussion of the most important aspect of this device; audio quality…


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