Jazooli Sound Reverb Bluetooth Speaker Review


[section_title title=”Range Test”] Range Test

Jazooli claim that the Reverb is capable of Bluetooth playback at a range of 40+ metres, speaking highly of the quality of the CSR Bluetooth chip. This is an impressive claim for such a compact unit, so I decided to test it out for myself…

Range test

Can you see it yet?


Now, before I tell you what I observed I will briefly detail how I set this up. I took two identical wooden platforms and measured a 40m gap between them with a very long tape measure, the two devices are placed at near enough the same height and finally I removed the cover on the phone.

Needless to say, this is a near perfect scenario with negligible wireless interference, however that also means its the best chance I have of meeting the range the manufacturer states in the spec.

Yet again the little black box surprised me; it played flawlessly at the 40m pictured and in fact, I stretched the gap between them all the way up to 60m without issue; I ran out of field. I’d safely say that claim is validated.

I did also try the speaker in various positions relative to my phone throughout the house to try to get an idea of how good it would be around the home, obviously indoors results are difficult to quantify due to do variances in construction materials and so on, thus I present my findings here subjectively.

When it comes to indoor range I found it met expectations. Bluetooth, as with any radio frequency, struggles to make its way through multiple layers of dense material (i.e. walls). Nonetheless by my experience you will have no problems going into the next room, along a corridor etc but through two or more walls it tends to struggle.  I also found that it had no problems going through the floor into the room below meaning, for example, I can leave my phone upstairs on charge and go into the lounge with the speaker.

All in all the speaker both lives up to and exceeds manufacturer claims, as well as my expectations. Another test passed then!


Next up I test the Hands-Free functionality of the device…


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