Jazooli Sound Reverb Bluetooth Speaker Review


[section_title title=”Hands-Free”] Hands-Free

The inclusion of a hands free phone functionality in the feature set of the speaker is a bit of an odd one. Personally I cannot think of a scenario where I would set out to use the device for a phone call. However, if you have it paired with your phone and you receive an unexpected call it would allow you to simply pick it up without faffing about un-pairing the two devices which is inevitably impossible when under the pressure of a ringing phone.

In terms of actual call quality it was reported to me that when sitting around half a meter from the device and speaking the microphone sounded muffled and only scarcely intelligible without shouting. However, when raising the device to chest height and speaking down into it I’m told the quality of voice was perfectly adequate, though this is not exactly a convenient way to take a phone call.

I am also told that the noise cancellation worked flawlessly with the person on the other end of the phone unable to hear themselves, even with the speaker at maximum volume which is pretty good.

I cannot say anything against the phone function of the device as it worked pretty well, however I would not consider it one of the key selling points of the unit. That said, I’m sure there are some who would find it a useful feature and for them it would be a good value add.


Next up I see if the battery life holds up to the manufacturers claims…


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