KitSound Evoke Review


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Starting with the front of the box we can immediately notice a nice picture of the Evoke in action. To the right of this we have our KitSound logo, model and a small amount of information to let us know this is infact a 2.1 wireless sound system that comes with a remote and has a 40W output.

KitSound Evoke 12

On to the back of the box and we have the same bit of information but this time there is a picture of the buttons on the top of the Evoke itself.

KitSound Evoke 100


The sides of the box give us a bit more insight into the features, specifications, box contents and a bit of a description of what KitSound feel the Evoke represents.

KitSound Evoke 1KitSound Evoke 2

Inside the box, aside from the Evoke speaker you will also received the Users Manaul, remote and a 3.5mm cable (not pictured).

KitSound Evoke 9

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