KitVison Edge HD30W Action Camera Review


Closer Look

Starting off with the box, and if you are like me, it instantly makes you want to get outdoors and start doing something crazy just so you can catch it on camera. The top of the box reveals a look at the actual HD30W itself which is encased in hard plastic to protect it from getting damaged. Moving down to the bottom where the information is and looking around we can see a lot of the specs and features of the Hd30W such as the fact that it records full HD 1080P, has an 8MP camera for photos, wide angle lens and is, of course, waterproof up to 100 m.

Looking at the other sides of the box and we can find out things like exactly what is included inside the box which we will look at in a bit, a proper specifications list a nice description depicting what is achievable with the Edge HD30W Action Camera.

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_17 Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_2 Kitvision Edge HD30W Action CamKitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_20

Getting everything out of the box and there are quite a few different accessories to help get users on their way to recording some amazingly extreme footage. Inside the box users will find:

  • Kitvision Edge HD30W
  • Detachable TFT Screen
  • Assorted mounts and accessories: flat mount (board), curved mount (helmet)
  • Waterproof housing and anti-fog inserts
  • Rechargeable battery and USB cable

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_4

Taking a closer look at the camera itself and we will start with the waterproof gear on as this is how it comes inside the packaging. The waterproof gear will give users just enough control of the camera to turn it on and take photos and videos with it. This will, of course, reduce the ways water can actually get into the camera and damage it so this is OK with me. On the front, we can see the added protection around the lens of the camera and just a single button that will allow users to start recording video.

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_16

On the right side is a big cap that on it says 100 m as this is designed to be the waterproof version. However, if you are in a situation where you would rather have a bit better access to the mic, there is a separate cap you can switch out with this one that will allow you to keep the protective casing on but make better use of the microphone.

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_5

Jumping over to the other side of the Edge HD30W and this is the clip that will allow users to open and close the waterproof casing so they can take the camera out of the protective case if need be.

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_15

On the top of the casing are two buttons, one which will allow users to stop video recording and the other will allow them to take photos. When the camera switch is in the on position (will look at this later), these buttons will also allow users to turn the camera on and off when pressing together at the same time.

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_18

Looking at the camera from the back and with the protective casing on and all we have is a clear view at the LCD Screen.  If the LCD screen is of no use to you for whatever reason, it is easily enough removed and there is a separate back for the protective casing you can go ahead and put on. This will allow users to make the camera a bit smaller and lighter and I would imagine it would come in handy for those looking to mount it as a helmet cam, or anywhere really where they would not be able to view the LCD anyways.

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_21

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_1

Kitvision Edge HD30W Action Cam_19

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