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If you had asked me yesterday if I could get excited over a light bulb, the answer would have been a flat-out no, however after having a play around with the LIFX Color 1000, quite frankly, I am thoroughly impressed! Compared to the filament bulb I was using prior to the Color 1000, the brightness is astonishing and the fact I can control it from my phone – even using “OK Google” to turn my lights on/off or even a different colour, is pretty amazing. The integration options are endless, especially if using IFTTT to create recipes, so that my lights automatically turn on when I come home from work. LIFX are also constantly updating the app with new features and integrations – just when you thought it couldn’t get any better!

That said, all of this functionality comes at a price. A single bulb will set you back a penny under £60, although there are decent discounts if you buy multiple bulbs at once. The only other issue I have with the Color 1000, which actually applies to all smart bulbs, is that we’re trained to use light switches to turn lights on/off, so it is hard to break a habit of a lifetime. That said, there are WiFi buttons that you could replace the standard switch with, so you don’t have to remember to keep the light switch on, but turn the bulb off using the app.

The LIFX Color 1000 has surprised and made a good impression on me. I wasn’t that enthusiastic at first, but after the configuring and integrating it, it has become more than just a lightbulb – something we don’t really consider that often in our lives. Normally, with a lifestyle product such as this, I wouldn’t even think of writing such a long article, however in this case, I believe the Color 1000 to be worth it, so much so, I am giving it my highest praise:


Thanks LIFX for sending this over.

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