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Starting off, lets take a look at the front of the box.

Packaging front

The box is a nice clean design, in line with the brand ethos of Luxa 2. At the top we have various bits of branding and slogan, confirming to us what it is we are looking at today. In the middle there is a graphic of the 360 itself, with a cutout just below to give us a sneak peak at the brushed aluminium finish within. Finally down the bottom we have some information about the wall mount, confirmation it is a Bluetooth device and a graphic talking about the 360° sound.

packaging rear

The rear of the box is packed out with much more information than the front. Again, at the top we start out with some branding, in the middle right we have details of the included Aux and USB cables and the rest of the box is taken up with a labelled diagram of the speaker.

packaging side

The bottom of the box encourages us to download a companion app to go with the speaker. In the bottom right is a crushing blow to all of those who thought the smartphone was included.

Packaging sneak

Opening the box we get our first glimpse at the 360, the box opens easily and there is no blister packaging in sight. A nicely designed box from Luxa 2 that you could easily re-use to keep the speaker safe.

packaging in the box

Finally inside the box we also have an instruction manual, an Aux cable, a USB charging cable and a large carrying bag for the speaker. The bag is a really nice touch and the cables seem of reasonable quality, I’d say the packaging lives up to the premium feel of the brand, but what about the speaker itself?

Lets get a closer look at it and find out…


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