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Right, time to get a closer look at the speaker itself.


Starting off at the top of the speaker first impressions are very good. The first thing you notice is the brushed aluminium ring around the outside, its a premium touch and really looks nice in the light. Next your eyes are drawn into the middle where the Luxa 2 logo sits in a cool 3D looking button whose function is the play/pause and pick up call features. You can also see that the fabric mesh ish very nicely done and in person I can confirm it is soft and of good quality.

closer bottom

Flipping the speaker over we get a look at the underside. Nothing especially interesting here, we have some foam feet for grip which I’m sure would be great for things like glass tables. Closest to us we can also see the wall mounting tab in its closed position.

closer io

Here we can see various inputs and outputs. From left to right we have: an on/off switch, a charging port, an AUX port for wired audio devices and a volume dial. You can also see here that while the main body is plastic it has a metallic fleck to it which looks great in the light.

closer hook

Finally here we can see the the wall mount, as you can see you could either hook it onto something or hang it on a nail, for example.

The 360 has a very nice look and feel to it and certainly feels like a premium device. It would have been nice to have the body be all aluminium but the plastic here is as nice as plastic gets with its metallic finish.


Next up lets take a look at how easy the speaker is to set up and talk about the audio quality…


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