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Setting up the 360 was as easy as any other Bluetooth device, initially the broadcast name was a string of numbers but once paired the device name changed to something logical. Unlike the Jazooli Reverb we recently tested the 360 worked with both Google Play music and Spotify without the need for a third party app which is nice.

Provided you take a look at the back of the box you should have no trouble figuring out what all the various buttons do and I do like the inclusion of a proper volume dial on the speaker as I prefer to leave my phone at max volume and make adjustments on the speaker.

Lastly the Groovy Audio Centre app is fairly well laid out, its not a mystery to navigate neither are the amount of options there overwhelming. I wouldn’t say its anything special but the library is well organised and everything works as expected; considering it is free I’d say its a nice addition from Luxa 2.


Audio Quality 

Given the small size of the 360 I wasn’t expecting an awful lot in terms of sound quality. With a device so small, it takes a ported type design to really generate any kind of depth to the sound, which is not a method that is employed here. To that end the 360 doesn’t really wow me in terms of volume and bass like the Jazooli Reverb did; I mention the Reverb specifically because it features a ported enclosure design and it also retails for the same price.

It’s not all bad though, the 360 produces a really nice crisp sound with crystal clear vocals in all the music I sampled on it. The sound is nice and neutral, which will lend itself well to any genre of music and while it is lacking at the low end it is by no means tinny. The sound remains clean all the way up to maximum volume, with no distortion or other nasties.

The performance of 360 really depends on what sort of music you are into, if you mainly listen to music where bass isn’t massively prevalent you will be very happy with the 360, the sound is crystal clear and neutral for such a small device.

However if you mainly listen to bass heavy music such as EDM and Hip-Hop (like me) you will find the absentee low end a bit disappointing. Ultimately, it is down to you whether the form factor and unique wall mount feature are enticing enough to sacrifice the low end punch found on competing devices, like the Jazooli Reverb.


Moving on lets test out the range of the speaker…


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