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Luxa 2 claim a modest 10m of range from the 360, so I can’t imagine its going to disappoint.

range test

Above you can see the speaker being tested at said 10m range. I experienced no issues in playback at 10m, I stretched the gap out to 15m and still playback was fine. It’s always nice to see things meet and exceed spec so the 360 gets a thumbs up for open area range.

When it comes to indoor range the 360 was perfectly adequate too, it had no problems going into the next room and it was also able to go through a ceiling without issue. It does struggle through more than one layer of hard material though so you probably wont get away with using it from one end of the house to the other; but that’s true of any Bluetooth device so I can’t really mark it down there.

Overall I have no complaints when it comes to the range on the 360, it both lives up to and exceeds Luxa 2’s claims and is also perfectly reasonable for a device of this size.


Next up lets see how the phone call functionality performs…


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