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As with most products the first thing you are going to notice is the packaging. Luxa2 realise this and have spared no effort when creating the box for the EnerG.

We will first notice the box has an overall brown design to it, with a nice finger loop hole on the top. On the front of the packaging we will also notice a little sticker towards the bottom that actually shows us what our EnerG Battery Bank will essentially look like.

Luxa2 EnerG Packaging Front

On to the back of the box we will notice images and descriptions for the contents included in the box as well as a bit of an overview on the EnerG itself.

Luxa2 EnerG Packaging Back

When we first open the box we see our soft pouch and can also notice the foam protection around our EnerG.

Luxa2 EnerG Packaing open contents

Here is our EnerG and the USB charging cable in its foam protection.

Luxa2 EnerG Closer Packaging

One of the things I liked and wanted to mention is that once opened, the box can actually be laid flat for easier storage.

Luxa2 EnerG Packaging open


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