Over-Board are a company that specialises in waterproof bags and cases. No matter what you are doing with water, be it taking a dip in the pool on holiday or going diving, Over-Board have what you need.  Their cases and bags are not only waterproof but also sand, snow and dirt proof. They are ideal for whichever outdoor sport you may choose.

Today I will be looking at the Over-Board eBook/kindle waterproof case which is of course designed for those budding readers out there, how will it stand my testing? Lets find out…


Overall Measurements Length: 8″ (20 cm)
Width: 6″ (15 cm)
Circumference: 12″ (31 cm)
Closure Slide Seal
Materials Polyurethane (TPU)
Depth Rating 19′ (6 meters)
Waterproof Rating Class 5
Straps/Handles Shoulder Strap
Buoyancy Positive
Weight [with packaging] 0.6 lb.


Over-Board Waterproof eBook/Kindle Case
Perfect for eBook and Similar Sized or Smaller Tech Gadgets
Transparent Font Allows Full Use of Device Features
100% Waterproof
Guaranteed Submersible to 6 metres
Class 5 Waterproof Rating
Case Float if Dropped in Water
Keeps out Dust, Sand and Dirt and snow
Supplied with Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Carabineer Clip and Moisture Sensitive Desiccant Sachet
User Instruction and Care Guide
Maximum Length: 8″ (20 cm), Maximum Width: 6″ (15 cm), Maximum Circumference 12″ (31 cm)
Material: Environmentally Friendly Biodegradable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
Closure: Easy Grip Slide Seal System

What’s in the box: – Black Waterproof Kindle Case, Fully Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Carabineer Clip, Moisture Sensitive Desiccant Sachets, Instructions / Care Guide.


As you can see in the pic, the front of the box is clear plastic, so you can clearly see what’s inside.  The case is visible in all its glory and in a retail environment, the packaging would be effective in my opinion.

The back of the case gives you some of what the cases specifications are, what’s included in the box, the dimensions and also it is in documented in 4 different languages.

As you can see, inside the case itself is a cardboard cut-out which resembles an e-book for illustration purposes.  At the top we have the sealing/locking mechanism which keeps water from entering the case.  This is a very easy to use locking device and doesn’t feel like it would fail any time in the near future.

On the rear the case has a matte black finish with the Over Board logo present on the right hand side.  Quite a simple but effective design in my opinion.


Taking your kindle with you on your adventures could not be easier with the Over-Board waterproof kindle case. Whatever sports you’re partaking in whether it is water-based, beach or even hiking. This case offers full use of the device while it is safely sealed away. The Over-Board waterproof kindle pouch has a clear front so you can use all the touch screen functions. The case seals tightly with the Over-Board Slide Seal System, making it guaranteed submersible to 6 meters. The Over-Board Waterproof kindle case is the relaxed and secure way to take your kindle to the beach, pool or up a mountain, or anywhere your desire takes you.

I’m going to test how durable it is and see if it does exactly what it says. I’m going to use my son’s sandpit for my first test, I dropped the case into the sand and covered it with the sand, and sure enough when retrieved and kindle was taken out, my kindle was free of any sand. Next I filled the sink up with water and dropped the case with the kindle in it, into the water and submerged it.  Thus I retrieved my kindle and it was dry, not a speck of water had got in.

Here is the pictures I took during the testing to back my results up.

As you can see, it is clearly submersed into the water and after removing the kindle from the case, there wasn’t a single drop of water on the unit itself.

My final verdict on this case; is it’s very robust and durable. A must for anyone who loves the outdoors, it’s great for water sports, mountaineering, even just for that holiday whilst sitting beside the pool or even just relaxing in the bath. The Over-Board eBook/kindle case is one of those things that are great for everyday use not just for outdoors sports. Once your kindle or any other similar device is safely tucked inside the over-board eBook/kindle case, it is most definitely in my opinion safe from water/sand/dirt/dust. It is an inventive little pouch that incorporates all the things that’s needed for that adventurous or non-adventurous person.

This is one of the things I would never of thought to buy or even though was available to buy, I myself will be purchasing one just to use in the bath so I can enjoy reading my favourite eBook without having to worry about it getting wet.

After doing my simulation tests using a sandpit and my kitchen sink I found that the over-board eBook/ kindle case does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s fully sand/ waterproof as my tests have shown.
The case is made of environmentally-friendly biodegradable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). It comes equipped with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport. Over-Boards waterproof case fits all eBooks including tablets like the Samsung Galaxy and ipad Mini.

Now, price wise, I’d say it’s reasonable for what it does, although you can purchase cheaper waterproof cases. Then again… who’s to say they will be as good as the Over-Board eBook/kindle waterproof case?  Cheaper versions in my opinion have never lived up to the most expensive.  So I would recommend this case to anyone over a cheaper version.

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