Patriot Fuel+ 6000mAh Power Bank Overview


[section_title title=”Conclusion”]Conclusion

So now we have seen the Patriot Fuel+ 6000mAh power bank, what are my final thoughts on this seemingly useful device?  Does it have a place in today’s market?

Well answering my own questions (I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested!), I think this kind of device has a really strong showing in today’s market and over the past week I have found plenty of use for the Fuel+.  I am quite used to forgetting to charge my Samsung Galaxy S4 and with the amount of calls I need to make and take, it can be a hassle having no battery.  That is eliminated with the Fuel+ power bank and I find it very useful overall; that is of course if you don’t forget to take that with you also!

The design of the Fuel+ is very nice albeit a magnet for dirt and grime.  It would have been nice to see a few different colour options but it does come available in white and blue in the smaller variants (2200/3000mAh).  I really like the inclusion of 2 charging ports rather than just one as it adds an extra dimension; charging 2 devices at once.

Price wise the Fuel+ comes in at around £37 which isn’t the cheapest of solutions as if you are only looking to charge 1 device such as a smart phone, it would probably be cheaper to buy a spare battery or 2 for that.  Although if you are like me and have a plethora of USB devices that need charged on a daily basis then taking this with me to meetings, events and even overnight stays in hotels make my life more bearable.

Overall the Patriot Fuel+ power bank offers a stylish alternative to lugging around mains chargers as it holds a massive amount of charge (due to the Fuel+ adhering to laptop battery standards) so if you’re out and about, on the train, on a plane and run out of juice, the Fuel+ has your back!  It is available in multiple ratings ranging from 3000mAh all the way to 8700mAh meaning there is one for you out there!  Due to its fantastic aesthetics and how useful overall the Fuel+ is, I decided to give it our Design award.

Big thanks to Patriot for sending the Fuel+ in and I look forward to seeing more in the near future.


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