• Brand: Pong
  • Model: Rugged Anti Radiation iPhone 4/4s Case (PR – 2045)
  • Website:  http://www.pongresearch.com/apple/iphone-cases/the-pong-case-for-iphone-4-4s-classic.html
  •  RRP: £39.99 (At time of the review)

Pong is a mobile device technology company which specialises in cases for mobile phones and tablets.  Their cases are designed to minimize radiation, whilst at the same time boost your mobile and WIFI signal.  They were formed in 2010 and are an environmental health, safety, and wellness company that provides science based solutions, tested in FCC certified laboratories. Today I’m going to be looking at the Pong PR-2045 Which is from their Rugged series and is made specifically for the iPhone 4/4s.  Will my iPhone be snug as a bug in a rug?  Or is this just another technological gimmick? Let’s find out, starting with the specifications…

  • Reduces exposure to radiation by up to 94%, by redirecting mobile phone radiation away from your head and body.
  • Built on a tough polycarbonate chassis and encased in resilient but hard rubber, that provides durable protection and shock absorption.
  • Has survived drop tests of over 8 feet on to rough concrete surfaces with no damage to the case or phone.
  • Rubber finish and design provides an outstanding grip for the hand.
  • Scientifically engineered case improves signal strength by up to 30%, and protects against dropped calls.
  • Efficient antenna performance increases talk-time battery life.
  • Very tough but elegant design for a case with versatile functionality, and a very snug fit for the iPhone 4/4S.
  • Camera opening allows for full unobstructed function of the camera and flash.
  • Access to all ports and functions.
  • Included with the Pong case is a screen protector and cleaning cloth.


As you can see, the front of the box is bright, easily readable and gives a few key features as to what the case is designed for.

The rear doesn’t show much, as you can see it’s just white with some writing on the bottom about the Pong research company who make the case.

Inside the box, we have a soft cleaning cloth and a screen protector to avoid scratches and damage as the front is exposed. So all in all, the packaging is nice, bright and colourful and you can see everything clearly. So in my opinion very well packaged and would be effective in a retail environment.

  As we can see on the front of the case, we have the main bulk of the colour, which is purple on this particular sample.  It has Pong etched onto the bottom and has a space to allow you to take pictures via the iPhone’s camera.

  On the inside, we have an all black interior which will be hidden when an iPhone is inserted.  It is made of a hard plastic and the name fits the purpose as the Pong case does indeed feel rugged.

The sides are coated in rubber while also remaining hard, this is a nice feature to see as this should absorb the majority of the shock if you manage to drop it.  There are also buttons for your volume controls.

  The iPhone fits inside very snuggly, infact I had to push the phone in quite hard to get it inside.  Please note this case is designed for the iPhone 4/4s only, but Pong do a version for the iPhone 5.

The first thing I noticed about this case when I took it out was how well made the case is, it is strong and made from good quality materials. The case is a good fit for my iPhone 4 with easy access to the function buttons and charging port and there is also a little part cut out for the camera.  When I placed my iPhone in the case, it does make it look a bit bulky and slightly heavier that with my other case, but with the potential to maybe alleviate some radiation from passing through my body, I guess I could get used to it.  The case is very thick, which in my case is good for me as I’m always dropping my phone. It comes in 5 different colours (blue, black, white, red and purple) which are bold and not overly bright, all in all a nice selection to choose from, which would suit the needs of many different individuals. Pong say that this case increases your signal and reception, conserves your battery life and protects from radiation. I tested this case for a few days to see if my signal or reception became better and in my opinion I didn’t see any difference really. Maybe that’s because I’m not in a rural location as I live in the city, so I can’t be 100% sure it would boost my signal in a rural setting.   As for the battery life I can’t comment on that really as I haven’t used the case for long periods of time, only time would tell.  As for the radiation protect well that’s a different matter, I believe that it does reduce the amount that passes through your body uses this case. I have read what Pong research says about this. As each person’s individual opinion and reasoning on this subject differs. (You can read here about it and make you’re your own mind up. http://www.pongresearch.com/science.html)

Over all in testing this Pong case I personally liked the style and colour. Although Pongs claims to alleviate radiation are maybe a little far-fetched and there is no conclusive evidence to show that the pong case does, I would fully recommend this case to anyone mainly because of the style, ease of use and many different colours available.  It is perfect to keep your phone from getting damaged with the rugged thickness of the case. Price wise this case is pretty expensive, but taking in to consideration the main features of the case itself, the anti-radiation (if it even works) and the fact the case is supposed to boost signal and boost battery life, it could be considered a bargain. If I was being picky, I would have loved to have seen a pink case for us more feminine types, but this is subjective and I personally like the purple. Who knows in 10-15 years there may arise conclusive evidence about radiation and mobile devices, if you have one of these cases then you would be well ahead of the game. Thanks to Pong for sending us the PR-2045 Rugged case in and I look forward to experiencing more of their products in the future.

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