Today we are taking a look at the Scosche GlosSee iPhone 5 case in blue. The case provides protection to the phone in four key areas the back, the sides, top and bottom and the screen. The case comes in many colour variations including blue, green, pink, clear and smoke.

Taking a look at the packaging, the case is held in place with a moulded plastic insert which is fixed to the ridged cardboard back which has the Scosche logo printed at the top. The packaging shows the case clearly through the clear plastic front and would attract attention in a retail environment.

Scosche GlosSee Box Front

The rear of the packaging highlights the key features of the product along with the Scosche logo. The packaging follows a grey, white and yellow theme.

Scosche GlosSee Box Back

This case will only fit the Apple iPhone 5 although Scosche do a wide range of cases and accessories for a whole range of products.

Looking at the case, it has a nice light blue colour to it and is made of a translucent material that offers both shock protection and style. The case is nice and flexible but firm around the edges and sides.

Scosche GlosSee Case Empty Front

We have cut outs on the case for the rear facing camera and flash, lightning port, speakers, headphone jack and the left side mute switch.

Scosche GlosSee Case Back Camera

Scosche GlosSee Bottom Phone Connections

Scosche GlosSee Side Case Connections

The inside of the case has a matt like finish whereas the rear and sides of the case have a gloss finish to them. On the back of the case near the bottom we also see an embossed Scosche logo.

Scosche GlosSee Case Empty Back

The case covers both the power and volume buttons, however still provides access to these features; that said, I did find the buttons harder to press through the case due to the cases material being quite firm.

Scosche GlosSee Top Case

When fitted to the iPhone 5 the case provides a firm fit, tight to the body of the phone. It provides a small lip over the front of the phone which provides protection to the screen if you were to lay the phone face down.

The case I found to be quite secure in the hand, the gloss finish on the rear helped the case almost stick to your hand.

Scosche GlosSee Case Back

Overall the Scosche GlosSee case is a flexible, light, trendy and slim case for the iPhone 5 providing protection for the key areas of the phone while still giving access to key features and functions such as the power button and the lightning port. That said as I have already mentioned the case was a bit stiff over the buttons making them more awkward to press. A solid choice if you are in the market for a protective iPhone 5 case.

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