Scosche Rhythm Pulse Monitor Overview


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Personal health is always an important issue, and with the increase of automation, easier access and less overall exercise, it’s a must to stay on top of your own well-being. Scosche have picked up on this by producing the Rhythm, which enables you to track the information you need to accurately monitor what’s going on with your body. The decrease in battery sizes and increase in their power has meant complicated devices such as the Rhythm can be portable enough to be worn discretely.

For the purpose of this overview, I tested the Rhythm for several activities, from my gym sessions to my gaming sessions, just to give you an overview on how the device performs. Whilst gaming wasn’t an ideal choice, I thought it would be interesting to see what happens during those intense sessions. The app worked great and showed me a range of information that could be useful. The integration with other apps is a big plus as you’re not then limited to Scosche’s dashboard.

Overall I liked the size and simplicity of the device. It connected flawlessly to my phone and felt comfortable when I strapped it to my arm. Forget wearing it for prolonged uses however, it has a maximum six hours of battery life, of which I got roughly five, before I had to charge it again. At £99 it’s a fair whack to the wallet, but if you’re keen on keeping fit and knowing just what exactly is going on with your body then the Rhythm could be for you.


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