Sphero & Sphero 2.0 Robotic Gaming System Overview


Smartphones are pretty much everywhere in this day and age, with the two biggest brands being Apple with their iOS operating system and iPhones, and Google’s Android OS and many brands of phones like Samsung and LG. Due to the popularity of these phones, it’s of no surprise that the number of everyday products are featuring the technology that allows us to control their various functions through integration  using smartphone apps.

Today we have two products that are slightly different to our norm here at Play3r.net,  the Sphero and the more recently released, Sphero 2.0, which are spherical robots that can be controlled by using your phone and dependent apps. Orbotix, the company behind the Sphero products, are a team of specialist robotics engineers who’s aim it is to bridge the gap between the real and virtual world. They have produced a whole range of apps to accompany the Spheros with the majority being free, but also some more advanced paid apps. These apps range from driving controls and games, to fully fledged augmented reality apps using your phones camera. I’ll take a look at these later, but for now lets take a look at the Spheros.

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