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That question that you’ve been wanting to know whilst flicking through the images on this review, what do we think about the product? Well the X5 Qi Wireless Charging unit is something that actually really surprised me, I mean it costs £36 which isn’t a huge amount when we look at what else is on the market. When comparing to some of the portable options your getting so much more value for your money with the X5 Qi simply because it doesn’t have a huge battery weighing it down, and it should be something to consider if you simply wanted a portable speaker for the small factor.


The sound quality given the price wasn’t all that bad, firstly I wanted to highlight a problem that constantly appears during my reviews and it’s something companies should be more aware of. When you max the volume out on a product and the drivers crackle or produce less notable audio, why not just decrease the volume of the product thus masking these problems and making more people happy. After all clean crisp music is better than a louder more distorted experience.

Now with that small dislike out of the way the bass of the majority of tracks came across as rich and quite well-rounded for a £30 speaker, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. And the general highs of the speaker came across as quite sharp but still felt a little flat when compared to some products, but I wouldn’t really say its bad for the price. And given that this product is something you might have next to your bed and not a dedicated PA system, I think it ticks all the boxes.


Obviously this is a Bluetooth speaker, but you’re also getting the added bonus of NFC connectivity which worked straight out of the box and makes connecting devices even easier. The two rear charging ports seemed to work well even when charging two devices, and I felt it was a really nice feature that completed the product for me. But this product actually came to life because it was a clock at the same time, with the added bonus of being an alarm. It’s such a thoughtful little product that caters for a variety of situations. Not to mention it looks so aesthetically pleasing and almost a little eco-friendly, which I’m sure some people are going to really like.

In terms of build quality this thing is pretty rock solid for the price, obviously you shouldn’t be throwing it around. But for what you pay? I’m happy to say it’s an awesome clock and probably the only thing that let it down design wise was the temperature being 2 degrees off.


I actually really liked this product, I felt it breached the gap between technology and something that we rarely seen used in new products, everyday materials that aren’t plastic. I felt for the price it was an impressive little product that I’d happily have next to my bed or in my office. I do feel however it’s a very niche product and aesthetically it might not be for everyone.

Special thanks to: http://www.tomtop.com/?aid=1999

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


– NFC & Bluetooth Pairing
– Hands-free speaker makes for easy communication
– Can tell the time and the temperature
– Looks awesome
– Sounds great
– Does feel a little flimsy
– White LEDS would have been cool!
– Buttons are slightly tricky to workout

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