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Memory overclocking can sometimes be very simple or one of the most painful things to overclock; it all really depends on the memory chips or ICs present on the DIMMs themselves; single sided sticks tend to do better on the MHz as a rule of thumb with dual sided sticks tend to offer better performance all-round including tighter timings, there is no specific rule here though!

So without faffing around, I entered the BIOS on the MSI Z97 Gaming 9 AC motherboard to disable XMP and overclock the memory manually; this is pretty easy if you know what you are doing and I really don’t recommend using voltages above the rated 1.65v for 24/7 use; maybe 1.7v if you are feeling brave but if your memory dies, we can not be held accountable!

My first port of call was to push the MHz and I easily managed to attain 2666MHz with timings of 12-14-13-34 which is very good given the kit is only rated at 2133MHz CL9; a good start right?

Memory OC

The next natural step was pushing it further to see if this kit is as good at overclocking as my other experiences with Avexir memory. Well I was in luck as I managed to hit 2800MHz CL12; slightly slacker timings than the previous score but a negligible increase in MHz to make it more viable.

Memory OC 2

My final push was to push the voltage to 1.7v to see what I could achieve before the Blitz 1.1 kit refused to be pushed any further (on stock cooling). I managed to obtain an impressive 2933MHz with timings of 13-16-14-38 which is very impressive; so close to 3000MHz in all fairness which is fantastic.

Memory OC 3

It is clear to me that Hynix MFR chips are present in this particular kit of memory; not just due to the single sided nature and Avexir’s use of them in the past, but the super high overclock on the MHz that I managed to obtain. With MFR not exactly being the best memory ICs to relate to overclock vs performance increase, I am interested to see how these perform at stock and with an overclock. For the interest in testing, I used the 2800MHz CL 12 as my overclocking speed of choice; middle of the ground in the testing although all 3 benched MaxxMem 100% stable.


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