Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2666MHz 16GB (2x8GB) Review

Welcome to dual channel DDR4 thanks to Intel's Skylake, but what do the Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666MHz modules bring to the market?


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Memory overclocking hasn’t really changed much over the years and DDR4 and DDR3 share a similar method of memory overclocking on the whole.  One thing that has remained however is the big 3 memory IC manufacturers which are still currently Micron, Samsung and of course Hynix.  Now there hasn’t been many memory kits which have allowed us to push them to super memory limits like towards the end of DDR3’s journey through the ages, no 4000MHz on air barriers so far for us, but they will come, all in good time!

corsair ram OC

Today though, the Corsair Vengeance LPX kit we featured on our X99/i7 5960x test bench in quad channel did fairly well so we were pleased with the 16GB (2x8GB) dual channel kit’s ability with a nice solid overclock of 3000MHz with latency timings of 16-18-18-35 and a voltage of 1.25v; exactly the same as the XMP 2.0 profile bar the 0.5v increase in voltage which is still safe to do.  Good stuff right?  Well below is how it equates in terms of performance, not only in 3D/2D synthetic benchmark situations, but also in memory specific benchmarks too!

The main highlight is the near 200 point jump in 3DMark 11’s Performance preset which shows that the overclock is not only good, but is showing nice and viable gains too!



3DMark 11 Performance OC

Cinebench 11.5 CPU OC

MaxxMem Memory Read OC

MaxxMem Memory Write OC

MaxxMem Memory Copy OC



  1. I have the same memory but i didn’t got the second XML profile….

    My motherboard is a Gigabyte Z170XP-SLI….

    • The only thing I can suggest is that Corsair have removed the 2nd profile from their later released samples. Seems strange though!

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